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Unique Hair
Available In These Colors:

1.    Fl Yellow
2.    Pink
3.    Smoke
4.    Dun
5.    Black
6.    Red
7.    Brown
8.    Olive
9.    Light Blue
10.  Tan
11.  Seafoam
12.  Turquoise
13.  White
14.  Midnight Blue
15.  Yellow

Key Largo Winging Materials now offers a soft crinkled synthetic winging material that has endless uses for both saltwater and freshwater tying.

This material is thinner and softer and is a more supple fiber. Great for your bonefish and freshwater streamer tying.

This special material is available in single packaged hanks for pegboard display in 15 colors.

This material is great for stacking with other materials such as Crystal Flash, Angel Hair, or Minnow Flash (flashabou TM).


*Trolling flies
*Freshwater streamers
*Bonefish and striper flies
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