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TWISTED MINNOW material for all occasions
Available In These Colors:

1.   Clear
2.   Lime
3.   Lavender
4.   Bronze
5.   Turquoise
6.   Red
7.   Green
8.   Teal
9.   Cerise
10.  Pink
11.  Medium Blue
12.  Burgundy
13.  Rainbow
14.  Silver
15.  Shrimp
16.  Pearl
17.  Midnight Blue
18.  Light Blue
19.  Rootbeer
20.  Gold
21.  Copper
22.  Purple

Key Largo Winging Materials offers a supported 1/69" mylar metallic twisted winging material for a wide array of applications in fly tying.

*Small freshwater streamers
*Bonefish flies
*Small crappie and perch jigs
*Steelhead and salmon flies
*Saltwater flies

This product is available in a single package for pegboard display in 22 colors.  It is available in 10" hanks for large saltwater flies as well as 7" hanks for standard freshwater and saltwater applications.

Special dual mixed colors are available upon request in colors listed at no additional cost.

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