Mad River Dubbing Company
Verona Beach, NY 13162 
Phone/Fax 315-697-9768
Steelhead Dubbing

Available In These Colors:


1. Gray

2. Wine

3. Chartreuse

4. Yellow

5. Pink

6. Brown

7. Purple

8. Blue

9. Olive

10. Black

11. Orange

12. Cerise





Mad River Beaver Dubbing is offering a line of dubbing specifically for salmon and steelhead flies.


This dubbing is manufactured with rabbit dubbing, hare’s ear, and your choice of either shredded Angel Hair or Antron. This added flash will add life and translucence to all your patterns.


We are presently offering 12 colors for your salmon and steelhead needs. Many other colors are available by request in both fluorescent as well as earth tone colors.


Mad River Steelhead Dubbing is available in both single packages as well as a convenient 12 color dubbing box of the most popular colors.


Mad River Steelhead Dubbing:

*Rabbit blend for better adherence to thread

*Hare’s Ear for that buggy look and feel

*Shredded Angel Hair or Crystal Flash for flash


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