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Pearl Twisted Flash
Available In These Colors:

1.   Light Blue Pearl
2.   Light Orange Pearl
3.   Peacock Pearl
4.   Pink Pearl
5.   Rootbeer Pearl
6.   Blue Pearl
7.   Tan Pearl
8.   Green Pearl
9.   White Pearl
10. Fl Yellow Pearl
11. Lavender Pearl
12. Green Chartreuse Pearl
13. Gray Pearl
14. Peach Pearl
15. Cerise Pearl

Key Largo Winging Materials offers a supported 1/16" pearlescent mylar winging material for a wide array of applications.

*Small freshwater streamers
*Bonefish flies
*Crappie and perch jigs
*Steelhead and salmon flies
*Saltwater flies

This product is available in a single package in 15 colors.

Special dyed colors are available upon request.

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