Mad River Dubbing Company
Verona Beach, NY 13162 
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Nymph Dubbing
The best of the natural and man-made worlds are combined in Mad River Nymph Dubbing. It contains Antron for sparkle and a blend of natural beaver and hare's ear for the characteristics needed to create like-like nymphs and stoneflies of all sizes.  This outstanding material is also an excellent buy. Blended to offer consistent colors and feel, Mad River Nymph Dubbing is the kind of material value sought by today's anglers.

Dubbing Characteristics:
*Contains antron for sparkle
*Includes hare's ear for life like
*Has best characteristics of beaver
*Is excellent for small sized
*Ideal for emerging caddis
*Excellent for stonefly patterns of
  all sizes

Mad River Nymph Dubbing in addition to being an excellent product, is available at an excellent price. It is available in single packages for convenient store display. This dubbing is also available in a convenient 12 color dispenser box.

Mad River Dubbing Co. will gladly prepare special colors. Simply send along a sample color you want matched, and we will happily duplicate it. Such special orders do not have a minimum requirement. This is also no minimum requirement on in-stock orders.


       Available In These Colors:



            Light Olive

            Yellow Stone

            Dark Dun

            Medium Brown


            Dark Claret





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