Mad River Dubbing Company
Verona Beach, NY 13162 
Phone/Fax 315-697-9768
Minnow Flash
Available in these single tone metallic colors:

1.  Gold

2.  Silver
3.  Lavender
4.  Midnight Blue
5.  Turquoise
6.  Black
7.  Red
8.  Copper
9.  Cerise
10. Rainbow
11. Medium Blue
12. Lime
13. Purple
14. Sky Blue

Available in these two tone metallic colors:

1.  Blue/Gold
2.  Gold/Black
3.  Silver/Black

Available in the following pearl tone colors:

1.  Pearl    
2.  Yellow Pearl
3.  Pink Pearl
4.  Blue Pearl
5.  Olive Pearl

Key Largo Winging Materials offers an unsupported slitted 1/69" flat mylar for both saltwater as well as freshwater streamer applications. This is the same exact material as Flashabou (tm) marketed by many other companies.

This winging material is available in both 10" hanks for large saltwater fly applications as well as 7" hanks for standard saltwater flies and freshwater applications.

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