Mad River Dubbing Company
Verona Beach, NY 13162 
Phone/Fax 315-697-9768
Loose Maribou
Available In These Colors:

1.   White
2.   Black
3.   Brown
4.   Olive
5.   Gray
6.   Red
7.   Orange
8.   Purple
9.   Pink
10. Chartreuse
11. Green
12. Yellow
13. Fl. Yellow
14. Fl. Blue

Mad River carries a complete line of loose maribou feathers in both small and large feather size.

These feathers are loose and available in 14 colors. They can be used for all your maribout needs.


*Maribou Jigs
*Steelhear Jigs
*Wooly Buggers

Loose maribout feathers are packaged in  4"x6" poly bag ready for pegboard display

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