Mad River Dubbing Company
Verona Beach, NY 13162 
Phone/Fax 315-697-9768
HOLOGRAPHIC FLASH...ever changing colors
Available in these colors:

1.  Silver
2.  Gold
3.  Rainbow
4.  Blue
5.  Red
6.  Copper
7.  Purple
8.  Lime
9.  Green
12.Light Blue

Key Largo Winging Materials now offers an unsupported 1/69" twisted slitted mylar that when the light hits this material, you will get a rainbow of hues due to its holographic properties.
This special winging material is available in 10" hanks for lrage saltwater flies as well as 7" hanks
for standard saltwater and freshwater applications.


* Tarpon Flies
* Bonefish Flies
* Striper Flies
* Freshwater Streamers
* Steelhead Flies

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