Mad River Dubbing Company
Verona Beach, NY 13162 
Phone/Fax 315-697-9768
Catskill Dubbing

Available In These Colors:


1. Tan Caddis

2. Sulphur

3. Rusty Spinner

4. Green Drake Dun

5. Coranutta

6. Paraleptophebia

7. Light Cahill

8. Black Caddis

9. Brown Drake

10. Popcorn Caddis

11. Gray Fox

12. Gray Drake

13. Golden Drake

14. March Brown

15. Black Cherry

16. Bright Orange

17. Light Orange

18. Light Olive

19. Cinnamon Caddis

20. Dorathea


Mad River Beaver Dubbing
is proud to offer a line of beaver dubbing specifically for the famed Catskil region of New York State as well as the Delaware River System for New York and Pennsylvania.

We are presently offering 20 colors that will match the prominent hatches on the rivers in the Catskill region of New York. We will also make available special orders for colors that some fly shops may prefer over the colors we have chosen to represent for this region.

Catskill Regional Dubbing is available in both single packages as well as a convenient 12 color dubbing box of the most popular colors.

Mad River Beaver Dubbing: *Offers a very fine natural 
  dubbing for dry flies
*Great tight bodies are achieve
  with our dubbings
*Water resistant dubbing
*Very easy to dub onto thread
*Can tie down to size 24 flies





























































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