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Angel Hair....the thinner alternative to minnow flash
Available In These Colors

1.    Pearl Green Hue
2.    Pearl Yellow Hue
3.    Pearl UV Hue
4.    Pink Pearl
5.    Purple
6.    Red
7.    Silver
8.    Copper
9.    Minnow Mix
10.  Yellow Pearl
11.  Peacock Green
12.  Light Olive
13.  Green
14.  Gold
15.  Fl Chartreuse
16.  Fl Shell Pink
17.  Black
18.  Fl Hot Pink
19.  Light Blue Smolt
20.  Blue Purple Back

Key Largo Winging Materials now offers a thinner winging material in place of minnow flash for use in streamers, nymphs, emergers, and any pattern where you want to add some flash to the pattern being tied. It can also be cut up and used as an addition to dubbing for added flash or by itself as dubbing.

This material comes in single packages ready for pegboard display.


*Bonefish flies
*Tarpon flies
*Striper flies
*Trolling flies
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